Kevin Li

Argo Scholar: Interactive Visual Exploration of Literature in Browsers

Haoyang Yang
Anish Upadhayay
Zhiyan Zhou
Jon Saad-Falcon
Duen Horng Chau
IEEE VIS: Visualization & Visual Analytics (IEEE VIS), 2021
Best Poster, Honorable Mention


Discovering and making sense of relevant research literature is fundamental to becoming knowledgeable in any scientific discipline. Visualization can aid this process; however, existing tools’ adoption and impact have often been constrained, such as by their reliance on small curated paper datasets that quickly become outdated or a lack of support for personalized exploration. We introduce Argo Scholar, an open-source, web-based visualization tool for interactive exploration of literature and easy sharing of exploration results. Argo Scholar queries and visualizes Semantic Scholar’s live data of almost 200 million papers, enabling users to generate personalized literature exploration results in real-time through flexible, incremental exploration, a common and effective method for researchers to discover relevant work. Our tool allows users to easily share their literature exploration results as a URL or web-embedded IFrame application. Argo Scholar is open-sourced and available at




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